smart office automation

Workplace Automation

Our workplace or smart office automation ensures comfort, improves working conditions and guarantees power efficiency.

By using a smartphone or a tablet, lights in the conference room can be controlled, where scenes can be setup to control the room as the projectors is been powered up. Lights can be dimmed, blinds or curtains, windows and doors can be closed and room temperature or ventilation can be set.

workplace automation

Video Conferencing

Remotely join meeting, greet and let-in guests via mobile app or touchpad

Not only can you action all of the conference room features, you can also control lighting and power sources to optimize energy consumption.

Motorized Window Shades

Custom built window shades with a modern design aesthetic and meticulously crafted to exact detail.

Shades integrate directly into the smart office system for full automation and control.

Office Network

With high quality Wi-Fi access strategically placed around your workplace guarantees that your network connection is never dropped.